Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Dust of Dreams" - interlude

"Dust of Dreams" if ninth book in "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series, by Steven Erikson. It is actually a first part of last book, because Erikson says, in introduction, that he thinks of this and tenth books as of one book - just separated in two because of restrictions of binding techniques. He also said some interesting things about his writing, like how he hates cliffhangers at end of books, so his books are always finished.

I've been reading it for more than a week now, but because of business commitments, I'm currently somewhere close to half. And I really like it for now. Chapters are separated as followed: one chapter from POVs of Malazans and Letherii in Letheras, then one about Barghast White Face clans, Perish Grey Helms, Khundyl Burned Tears and some other characters. For now, I like Malazan/Letherii chapters more, but other ones are not bad in sense. Just that these characters are much funnier.

On the other hand, Malazan/Letherii chapters don't bring any big advances in plot. For now, they mostly serve to make a better connection with old characters. E.g., there are many short slice-of-life scenes from POV of lesser important Malazan soldiers. But this is exactly what I like, since most of them are hilarious.

For now, there is no Karsa Orlong, Genoes Paran, Icarium, Shadowthrone... I think they will not make appearance even later and that they are reserved for next book. Although, I can't imagine how Erikson will manage to put them all in this last book, since for now, there weren't any ends for previous plots (like e.g. in "The Gathering Storm"). I don't mind absence of some characters, since present ones are good enough, but I would like to see more of Iskaral Pust!

Anyway, this is all from me, until I finish the whole book. Other than that, I've read one nice review of "The Gathering Storm".

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