Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anime review: K-On!!

Heh, I knew it was wrong to be smug about reading and watching only the good stuff. First "Elfen Lied" got visited by the Suck Fairy (got this term from Jo Valton at and now "K-On!!".

I usually don't stop watching anime in the middle of the show (I did it twice, I think).But I already knew I will not like this show after watching the first episode. But I decided to give it one more chance, to be sure. So I quit after second episode. It's not that this show is bad, but it failed to entertain me in any level. I decided that I don't watch 22 more episode of the show that failed to bring any kind of reaction from me in two episodes (it made me smile once, but that is not enough).

I just realized that I made one mistake: this is actually the second season, so maybe my experience would have been better if I watched the first season. Milk is spilled now, though.

Anyway, from what I gathered in these two episodes, "K-On!!" is one of those moe-girls anime with no plot. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this kind of anime. "Minami-Ke" is one of my favorite anime, as is "Ichigo Mashimaro". I also liked "Lucky Star" and "Azumanga Daioh". This anime has a fairly good rating on AniDB, also. But for some reason, I just don't like this show. Animation was nice, but I didn't like the character design. Girls are in senior year of high school, but they are drawn as they are in middle school (stubby legs and flat chest). Jokes were not especially bad, but I just didn't laugh. Also, I didn't like one character: a blond rich foreigner; she was an exact copy of the kid in "Ichigo Mashimaro" (well, except older).

So, for my final judgment, I don't have it. If you like moe anime, try first season and if you like it, continue with it. But you don't need me for that. In the mean time, I will be waiting for next season of "Minami-Ke".

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