Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movie review: "Iron Man 2"

Few days ago I unexpectedly watched "Iron Man 2". I watched the first part two years ago when it was out and I remember liking it very much. So I have been planning to watch this sequel, but somehow it never got its turn.

To summarize my impression: the movie is good if you don't start thinking about it. Let's see the good sides: nice cast (Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke, to name the most famous), nice special effects (as every other super-hero movie in last few years), good comments, nice background (the Iron Man franchise)... If you sit to watch this movie with no expectations and you just want to relax without thinking, this is a good movie for that. It has a lot of easy humor, very nice action scenes and straightforward plot.

But, if you pay any attention, flaws become evident. First, Tony Stark is very far away from stark! He is a spoiled rich child in his forties, having no responsibility; the fact that he is dying doesn't excuse him. Second: I am not really knowledgeable about the Iron Man world and its characters (I watched few cartoon series when I was a kid), but I don't remember that the fact about Tony Start being Iron Man is public knowledge. Maybe I am wrong, but this confused me a bit... Third, the technology and skills of Tony Stark are just too exaggerated! His hacking, engineering, driving, you-name-it skills are really too much! And forging a nuclear reactor?!?! Forging!!!

So, if you plan to watch "Iron Man 2", don't contemplate much about it; instead, keep attention on present and you will have a nice time.

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