Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie review: "Paul"

At Friday I stumbled on my friends watching "Paul", missing only first few minutes. I knew almost nothing about this movie, only remembering that there was some mentioning on (this one), which I didn't read.

The movie is a light comedy, based on very simply plot: two nerds from England are traveling USA on a road-trip meet an alien. And that alien is not what they would expect: he is a cursing, smoking bastard, actually too human. Actually, all characters in the movie are "too much", over-caricaturized: two typical nerds, some hillbillies, goofy FBI agents, religious fanatics... But nevertheless, the combination is not overall or tiring, and I really enjoyed the movie.

Acting is what you would expect from comedy of this type. Paul is completely CGI, but looks almost real. There are also few cameos giving an extra-kick. I have also come to understand that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are famous, although I can't say I heard about them before.

Considering all, "Paul" is not impressive or anything to remember specially, but it has a well-guessed combination of right elements, and it provides an easy entertainment, especially for SF fans who can appreciate a good joke on themselves.

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