Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Movie review: "Knowing"

This Saturday I watched the 2009 movie "Knowing", with Nicholas Cage. I don't usually like Cage's movies, but I got this movie accidentally and the IMDB description looked good, so I watched it with my girlfriend. While watching it, I remembered that actually a friend recently recommended it to me, but I forgot the name.

The movie starts a bit like a horror. During the 1950s, kids in some US school are tasked with drawing a picture that will be put in a time-capsule which will be opened 50 years from then. One kid, Lucinda, instead writes a full page of numbers and places it in the capsule. Later she is found in some store-room, scratching doors with her bloody fingernails and screaming "Make them stop whispering!!" (or something like that)...

In present time, John (Nicholas Cage), a university professor of astrophysics, obtain this paper after his son receives it from the time capsule. Intrigued be the number, he discovers that numbers are dates of big accidents, with number of deaths in them. Worse, he founds that there are three more accidents in future!

Story is pretty good. Later it takes an unexpected turn toward SF, but this works very well. The suspense is done quite good, although you will probably be able to guess the ending.

I didn't like John's character very much (as usually, Cage's characters are always tragic, heroic or something else exceptional - he is a smug person, in my opinion), but neither was he annoying. Other characters are also OK, but nothing special. Whole movie is moderate in general, except the story and the sense of suspense which elevates it from the mass.

In short, "Knowing" is quite a good movie for an evening-watch, except if you for some reason hate SF. A bit of action, drama and lots of mystery, that can leave you a bit pondering.


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  2. I usually don't use this kind of language, but: LOL