Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eden of the East: The King of Eden - anime review

I have watched first movie in the "Eden of the East" series. It picks the story some six months after the anime.

Again, it is a strange, but captivating mix of secret-societies, high-tech thriller and cute romance comedy. This time story focuses mostly on Saki and not on Takizawa, who is mostly a goal here. Also, it brings other "Selcao" to the forth.

Unfortunately, things don't work in form of a movie. This is actually a three or four anime episodes glued together in one 82 minutes film. It would have been much better to make all episodes and then screen it normally.

This is a must for all who liked the original series, but be prepared to be angry at producers after watching it. As for the rest of you, definitely watch the original!

As of my next project, I plan to read "Shigurui" manga.

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