Monday, June 14, 2010

A movie review: Sex and the City 2

Yesterday evening I went to the movies with my girlfriend to watch "Sex and the City 2". It was her idea, but I did watch the first part and I occasionally watched the series when it was aired, so I didn't have any real objections. Just to make a notice, ratio between males and females was something about twenty females (mostly 20 to 25 years) for one male.

Events in the movie happen two years after the first movie, but they are not directly connected to it, or the TV-series. You can watch without knowing anything about this franchise, but watching experience is better if you are already familiar with the characters. First third of the movie introduces us to present life of four main characters and their main problems. Carrie is afraid that her marriage is growing in to just a habit, Charlotte is exhausted by her two kids, Miranda is having problems at work and Samantha is fighting her menopause. They get a chance to go to Abu Dhabi for luxurious trip for free, so they take it, but after initial bliss, they realize that their problems didn't stay at home.

Movie is quite funny to watch. There are lots of comedy scenes, most of them based on characters quirks and that's why you can enjoy it better is you have previous knowledge of characters. Movie includes much fan service (to use a term from anime), including extravagant and provocative clothes and other displays of wealth, intended for women. Four of them are in hotel in Abu Dhabi where night cost 22.000 dollars, and you can bet that it looks good.

Although film is very "girly", I didn't have trouble with watching it. There are only two scenes that felt cheesy: karaoke at the hotel and scene where Muslim women undress close the end of the film. For reason unexplained, I laughed mostly at Liza Minnelli's performance of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.

I don't see the point of recommending this movie to anybody. Those who like "Sex and the City" will watch the second movie and like it, and those who hate it will not watch it. For those with no opinion, it's is quite a good movie, if you watch it without any prejudices.

I found it interesting how my girlfriend and I had different opinions about actions of Carrie and her husband from the beginning of the movie, which actually represent the whole point of the movie. She thought Carrie was clearly right, while I found his reasons quite reasonable. I was surprised how we easily fit in concept of difference between women and men ways of thinking, which I thought was just an exaggeration.

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