Monday, June 28, 2010

An anime review: XXXHOLIC: Rou


I am not really a fan of CLAMP and their works, but I liked "Code Geass" anime and "XXXHOLIC" franchise. "Tsubasa Chronicles" I think it's OK, but I don't think much of it. So, if you didn't watch previous "XXXHolic" anime, watch the first one and continue with rest if you like it. If you watched it, then continue to the review of latest anime installment, "XXXHOLIC: Rou"...

"XXXHOLIC: Rou" is only a 40-minutes OVA. I was a bit confused with the story. I haven't read manga, so I don't know what caused it, or is there anything in between, but this anime features Watanuki and the rest some 10-20 years after the events in previous anime. At the beginning we learn that Yuuko was missing for all that time, but Watanuki has a *wish* to see her once more in the future. Then, we are thrown to the story, which doesn't have much with this main plot. Actually, I only presume that there is some kind of overall plot...

Anyway, Watanuki has taken Yuuko's role as wish-granter. Mokona, Maru and Moro all live with him in the mansion. Doumeki has entered a college as some kind of history and magic researcher, while Himawari is absent from this anime, except via one phone-call. Story follows them as they investigate their typical case, connected to Watanuki's pipe-fox.

I am sure that those who had read manga have much clearer picture about what it happening than I, because this anime only left me confused. But I'm not irritated because of than; instead, I decided to read the manga. So, in next week or after, I'll be reading all XXXHOLIC volumes I can get.

Regarding recommendation, I think that those who had watched all previous episodes will like this one as much as me. And those who had quitted it before won't watch this one anyway. So, go for it, all you XXXHOLIC fans....

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