Friday, August 13, 2010

Is there no more Karsa?

Lately the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series is often on my mind.

First reason is "Malazan Reread of the Fallen" on I've been expecting in for a while and now that it's here, it's even better than I expected. In my opinion, main reason of its popularity (the reread, not the series) is because Amanda, one of rereaders, is actually reading it for the first time. It's very, very funny (and little mean) to watch her stumble and try to foresee what's coming next. This is impossible, of course. It reminds me on my own experience when I started reading MBoF. For the record, I actually read the second book, "Deadhouse Gates" before "Gardens of the Moon". Also, it feels very good to be reminded how these books are good.

Second reason is that blurb of "The Crippled God" I found here. I think I will like the last book very much!

Anyway, I was thinking about these books (while showering) and how I can't wait to find out what happened after "Dust of Dreams" when I realized that there was no mention of Karsa for long time. Not just him, Kruppe and the rest. Since "Toll the Hounds", if I'm correct. And blurb mentions only characters and plots from "Dust of Dreams". So, what if Karsa has actually done his parts in these books? Maybe Erikson plans to write a new series, featuring Karsa and later events? I think he said he doesn't plan to stop writing books in these setting after finishing this sequence, but I can't find where I read this. From one side, I would like this series to continue, or its successor to start. On the other side, I'm afraid that it would be bad compared to the original.

In any case, these are just my speculations. We will see in few years was I right.

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