Friday, August 13, 2010

Movie review: Killers

Yesterday evening I watched a movie "Killers" with my girlfriend. From a quick watch at IMDB, I expected a simple and easy-watching romantic comedy, which I exactly what I got. I was even positively surprised with the level of jokes and overall feeling of the movie.

About the plot: Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) is professional hitman, working for the CIA, while Jen (Katherine Heigl) is young women recently dumped by her fiancĂ©e. They met in Nica: he performing his mission and she on a recovery trip with her parents (father is played by Tom Selleck). Spencer is already questioning his line of work, and when he meets Jen, he decides to quit (against the wishes of his boss!). Three years later, they are happily married and fighting petty problems, when their lives are interrupted by Spencer's past. And then starts the action....

First part of the movie (the introduction, courting, the wedding) is done really fast and smooth. I expected poor jokes about Spencer's occupation interfering with start of their relationship. Instead, we fly trough this start and stop when they are already settled and having no problems. Main part of the movie is when Spencer's past start creeping in his life, and then in hers, too. This part is mostly action (three martial-arts scenes, car chase, etc.), interrupted with their verbal fights (the funny part). As I said, I liked the jokes; they were not sleazy or childish.

Biggest objection I have is the end. It is low below the rest of the movie. I guessed who the bad guy is some time before the end, but I couldn't believe it because it was too naive and unbelievable. Even so, if they really wanted to it that way, they could do it better. Though I admit, there were some nice jokes at the end. I believe the movie could have been much better if it was just a little longer.

Just a remark: there were two surprisingly violent (graphically) and bloody scenes, which is not common in comedies of this type. But I consider this a plus!

In a few words, a movie you will forget two days after watching it, with no memorable scenes or jokes, but a nice way to spent hour and half of your life. I'm not sorry in any way for watching it.

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