Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie review: "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time"

Last Saturday I watched "Prince of Persia" movie and I was pleasantly surprised with the movie: I expected some empty action show. While this is definitely not a masterpiece of film art, it was decent and untiring enough movie.

This movie is based on the game. I played the original "Prince of Persia" (this, Supaplex and PopCorn where first three games I ever played), but I didn't play later games this movie is based on. Last game I really liked was "Baldurs Gate 2" (and that was some 10 years ago) and last few games I tried playing were "Fable", "Overlord" and "Neverwinter Nights 2". I'm just not satisfied with quality of games nowadays, and anyway, I don't have time to play anymore.

Let's get back to the movie. Main character is prince Dastian. He was just a kid without parents, living on the street, when the king of Persia, impressed by his acrobatic skills and strong will, adopted him to royal household. Together with his two foster-brothers, he grows up to be a war-leader of his people. And a rogue and ladies-man, of course. He will get blamed for the assassination on his father and will have to try to clear his name. More so, he will found that more that his life is in stake, all depending on a strange and magical dagger...

I realized who the bad-guy is in first few minutes of the movie! But that didn't make the film bad. It has a nice dose of action, humor and emotions. There are not many details to complain on. The character of that gangster was just too much fake, though.

If you like action spectacles, I don't see any reason not to like "Prince of Persia". Nice effects, funny jokes and decent plot will make two hours fly-by fast.

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