Monday, September 20, 2010

"Towers of Midnight" frenzy

As "Towers of Midnight" release date is getting closer, I am getting more excited.

My main problem now is that I wanted to reread last three books before attacking ToM. But I have encountered a problem. I don't order books directly from Amazon, but from local bookstore: it's cheaper, because I don't have to pay for delivery. But since they order books once a month, I'm not sure when will I receive it. I presume it will some three or four weeks after original release date. So now, I don't know when to start with this reread. If I start too soon, I will then only go excited and the waiting will be more unbearable. But if I wait too much, I will get the book and not be finished with the reared.... Big problems, you think? (jokingly)

My excitement was increased few days ago when I found this: a whole chapter 8 from ToM, featuring Mat. And it's great!

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