Friday, November 5, 2010

TV show review: "Heroes" Season Two

This season of "Heroes" is much shorter, only eleven episodes, so I finished it quite faster. After this, I am putting it on temporary stop for couple of months. Two days ago, after finishing "Heroes", I started my WoT reread, beginning with "Crossroads of Twilight". Since I was cheap and ordered "Towers of Midnight" trough my local book-store to save some money for delivery, I have no idea when will I receive it. I hope it will be sometime during next month. On the other hand, I am not overly concerned because I have (too) much obligations, so my reading-rate will probably be one book in two weeks. If I receive it before I finish all three books (CoT, KoD and TGS), everything is OK then. If I have to wait for it (God forbid!!!),  I will fill the waiting time with third season of "Heroes". Not connected to this: I ordered myself a new book, "Daggerspell", first book in "Deverry cycle" by Katherine Kerr. But its turn will probably come sometime around Christmas vacation.

Now, to "Heroes". This will not be a long review and I will presume that you have watched at least the first season. In few words, this show is going down in quality. Of eleven episodes, first six or seven actually don't mean anything. Plot is getting really wild: Hiro is in 17th century meeting Kensei Takezo, Peter has lost memory and is in some pub in Ireland, Nathan has become a drunk and he grew a beard... Mat and Mohinder have adopted Molly, Nikki lefts Micah at her grandma's house, while Bennet's are trying to hide in California, with changed surname. Only interesting plot was Sylar's, who is alive, but without his powers, so he has to use only his wit to get back in the game.

As I said, things start to get interesting around seventh episode. But that is only if you don't think too deep about the things you are watching. Most prominent theme in this season is how previous generation screwed things and now heroes have to correct it. This is not exactly inconsistent, but it is not quite believable also. You would think that people would notice some strange stuff about their parents in 30 years.

What bothered me the most was the stupidity of main characters, particularly Hiro and Peter. Hiro can stop time at will, but nevertheless he gets captured, beaten and he is in constant fear of medieval Japanese army. And Peter... He can stop time, heal, move object with his mind and read people thought. Nevertheless he is being fooled, led and manipulated all the time. For God's sake, use these powers! Mat is also nearing to this category. His upgraded ability is much underestimated.

Characters are not nearly as good and interesting as in first season. Whatever was their main characteristic in first season, now it just got doubled. Noah is twice as overprotective, Nikki is twice as crazy and Sylar is twice as bad. There is several new character, but not one has the depth necessary for some larger connection to them.

All in all, it's getting too soapy. I nevertheless plan to watch next season, when I have some spare time (probably during Christmas vacation). I saw few glimpses of third season (by younger brother has more free time so he is ahead of me). Though, I can't really recommend this show to anybody.

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