Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anime review: "Kimi ni Todoke" 2nd season

Huh, I finished watching second season of "Kimi ni Todoke" before almost ten days now, but last week was quite hectic for me, so I didn't find time to write about. And things are already fading from my mind... Good things that I made some notes.

"Kimi ni Todoke" was one of my favorite anime of last year. It is shojo romance anime with many comedy elements, dealing with Kuronuma Sawako, nicknamed Sadako ("The Ring"), strange, but strong girl, whose shyness and quirkiness get her estranged from people. In first season she wins over some of her problems, getting several good friends. But focus of the series was on her relationship to Kazehaya, a boy from her class. Interesting was that she only regarded him as a friend at first, never realizing that they could be something more.

In this season, things continue directly after the first one. There is even episode zero that recaps a bit of events, so you won't have problems with remembering facts. Different from last season, biggest focus is put on Kuronuma-Kazehaya relationship and this is at the same time the biggest strong-point and biggest weakness of anime. Because, at least in first half, Kuronuma loses her voice every time she is near Kazehaya. Which means we have very slow (especially first two) episodes, full of long scenes where nothing happens. On the other hand, we have Kuronumas inner thoughts revealed in these scenes, so they are not boring. Just very infuriating, because you start to wish that she finally speaks something. Basically, things got reset back to starting point between them. Fortunately, events become much more interesting and faster pacing in later episodes. It got all elements of high-school anime, but they are all present nicely.

Characters are the same as in first anime, with exception of Kent, who is here to provide a counter to Kazehaya. Well, there is Kent's friend, but he only has few lines. As I said, most focus is put on Kurnouma and Kazeaya. I would wish that there were more parts with the rest of cast, because they were very interesting in first season. Here we have only one or two short scenes featuring Yoshida, while the private lives of the rest of the cast is ignored, which is a pity. Nevertheless, they are well features in show. Pin was especially good as comedy relief.

Visuals are good, although I think a bit weaker than in first season. I can't say anything good or bad about audio.

From one side, this season provides an almost definite ending. Things can always be continued, but they are concluded as it is by this ending. On the other hand, I see that manga is still ongoing. If they continue with adaptations to anime, I hope they will put more focus on side-characters.

Second season of "Kimi ni Todoke" is definitely weaker than first one, but it is still a very good watch. If you liked the first one, you will like the second one and will not be disappointed.

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