Monday, May 9, 2011

Movie review: "Thor"

This weekend I went and watched "Thor" in the movies. I didn't watch it in 3D; I didn't even know it was playing the cinema with this option, but I don't think I would have gone there even if I did know. I don't see the appeal of 3D technology when watching movies. Sure, I like when a book has visually appealing cover, when paper has good quality and font is nice, and in case I really like the series, I will add extra money for better edition, I usually go for the cheaper paperback edition. This is more of a topic for some book review, but I've been thinking lately about investing in e-reader. I prefer paper editions, but in long-terms I think that e-books are better choice.

Now, let's get back to the movie. I know before that "Thor" was based on Marvel comics, which was (of course) based on Norse mythology, but I did not know any specific. I never watched any cartoon adaptation nor did I read the comics. I also knew that the movie was discussed often in SF/Fantasy community and that expectations were big. I had no expectations before watching and I must say I was positively surprised.

"Thor" is in my opinion a nice introduction to this franchise. There is a lengthy portion at the beginning of the movie that explains history, characters and concepts of Asgard, place where Thor, Odin and rest lives and where half of the movie takes place. I wouldn't go deep into explanations and plot, because you got the movie for that. In short, Prince Thor is the son of King Odin, Loki is his brother and after they get in trouble with Frost-Giants, Thor ends up exiled to Earth.

Plot is nothing exceptional or convoluted, but it hasn't any obvious flaws. As I said, there is good intro to lead you into this universe and movie is neither slow nor rushed. I especially liked when the guys from S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived. I was quite surprised. I know that often super-heroes share the same universe, and here is the case with Thor and Iron Man (and some others).

Characters and acting are good for this type of the movie. Thor is played by Cris Hemsworth. I never heard about him before, but he very good in this role. Natalie Portman is playing Thor's love interest, but I think she was wasted in this role. Anthony Hopkins plays Odin and I must admit that I didn't recognize him. Rest of the cast is good, although I didn't like Thor's companions: too generic and predictable.

Best thing that can be said about the movie is that it is not pretentious. Usually in super-hero movies you like him; then he does something really stupid and has to redeem himself to audience. Here this is not the case. Sure, Thor does some stupid things, but they are all believable and normal. I was very surprised the way he reacted to his brother visit in S.H.I.E.L.D. tent. When I think about it, I like this movie much more that I liked "Iron Man 2".

For conlusion, "Thor" is quite good super-hero movie, with no big flaws and a nice evening watch. I don't know about the fans, but as a part of general audience, I like the movie and would recommended it to any who like this kind of movies.

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