Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comment: "Game of Thrones" TV show

I started watching "Game of Thrones" recently, so I just wanted to make a short comment about it. I plan to do a review once I finish it.

As you may know it, "Game of Thrones" is a TV series based on the first book in "A Songs of Ice and Fire" series by George R. R. Martin, "A Game of Thrones". I have watched first three episodes at the beginning of this week, but I then had a business trip and will have another one next week, so this show will be going to hiatus. And as far as I watched it, it is great!!

It follows the book very accurately, which is a great plus since this is a great book. I have recently watched again "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and was disappointed how different movie was from books. Of course, not everything could be followed exactly and in enough details, but for now, spirit of the book was truthfully transferred.

My only objection, and a minor one, was how character of Jon Snow was depicted. If I didn't know better, I would think that he was slightly arrested in development. But I believe this will be rectified in next episodes.

As for now, I would recommend "Game of Thrones" to any fan of ASoIaF.

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