Monday, September 3, 2012

Is this a poor anime year?

While I was writing a list of epic fantasy series, I had to browse through all my posts, so I noticed how many good anime I watched last year and the one before that. Compared to them, this is a poor year.

I can't say that I haven't watched anything good. "The Flower We Saw That Day" was a very good anime, but it was not really great, and it was somewhat short. "Fate/Zero 2012" was interesting and intense, but it was just an action anime, suitable for losing few hours, but not something to make you ponder (and it was a direct continuation of last year anime, so I am not sure it counts). "Daily Lives of High School Boys" was good, for a slapstick comedy, but I forgot about it the next day. I had big hopes for "Nisemonogatari", and although it was good, even great in some aspects, it didn't reach the quality of "Bakemonogatari"

I think I can freely say that so far this year haven't provided anything legendary, as were "Durarara!!", "Katanagatari", "Tatami Galaxy" or bunch of other anime in past years. Is there anything else I can hope for in next few months?

Well, there is "Sakamichi no Apollon", which looks like it could be impressive, as I usually find josei titles. I plan to watch it soon, maybe even this month. "Bakuman (2012)" will start coming out in October, but I can't count this as this year' hit (it's a third season, and I will extend into 2013) nor is it so good. Except this two, the only thing that looks like it could be of real worth is "Mardock Scramble", which last part is coming out this month - I didn't watch the first two, but this sounds interesting.

All in all, this is a anime poor year - there is no anime that I will remember in several years and say "Wow! That was a great anime! I must watch it again!". But I hope that I will dig something up next year, when reviews and ratings on AniDB settle a bit.

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