Monday, December 10, 2012

The Wheel of Time reread: "Lord of Chaos" by Robert Jordan

Wow, I just realized that I completely forgot about this post. I was already preparing the one for the next book, "A Crown of Swords", and accidentally saw this unfinished post. I read "Lord of Chaos" more than two weeks ago (I am currently reading "The Path of Daggers"), but I had very busy two weeks and trip to Budapest for the weekend in between (pleasure, not business; and the trip was great).

In "The Fires of Heaven", we have seen Rand take hold of both Cairhien and Camelyn, and in "Lord of Chaos", he will try to solidify his take. We are introduced to two very important, but non-POV characters: Marshal-General Davram Bashere, from Saldea, and Mazrim Taim, an ex-false-Dragon, also from Saldea. These are probably the first two willing followers of Rand, but while Bashere's loyalty is pretty much undoubtable, Taim will become one of most mysterious characters in the series. We will also see Rand's official first interactions with Aes Sedai, both official White Tower and rebel Salidar Aes Sedai - and it won't end well. Egwene, who has become almost Aiel while apprenticing to the Wise Ones, will be in big shock after she is commanded by Salidar Aes Sedai to join them immediately. Elayne and Nyneve are still in Salidar, but not feeling relieved for it: they possess too much secrets, including the one about Moghadien. Perrin will again become a part of series, and Mat will assert himself more, both as farmers-become-leaders.

I always liked the beginning of this book: Rand's sword-training, Bashere's humor, first meeting with Taim... As I said, Taim becomes a very mysterious figure - only in "The Towers of Midnight" we will see some clear clues about what is going on with him in Black Tower. Rand is feeling much on the rise in this book, even though he is in for some smaller shock, and one big. Love the chapter when Alanna bonds Rand and the Two Rivers' girls are scarred of him, even though it is hard on him. Even more so can be said about the final chapters about Rand - they are great, but are really traumatic for him. Nevertheless, these are some of the most powerful chapters in series. They will make problems for him and more in next five books. We also get the first mention of cleaning of saidin.

Nyneve and Elayne few chapters here, but they are not really really important, more like a preparation for next stages. Except when Nyneve does the impossible. Egwene on the other hand has a transformation as big as Rand's. I was very surprised the first time when I read it. She benefits much from her time among Aiel. I wasn't much thrilled with her parts with Gawyn, though.

Mat in this book is great again, pure and simple. This is where he becomes my favorite character in series. Not that really much happens with him, but Jordan wrote some great jokes with him. Especially the part when he arrives to Salidar. As I said, Perrin appears again in series, but his part start really at the end.

There are some good jokes about humor and jokes, especially about differences between normal and Aiel humor.

While writing this post, I realized that I have written it once already! And I wrote it better last time, while it was fresh. It looks like Blogger reverted my post to earlier draft version - either that or I had best déjà vu ever! So I am sorry if I don't sound coherent in places - this lost post has mixed up much, especially since it has passed two-three weeks from it. So don't let my bad post spoil "Lord of Chaos" for you, because it is one great book.

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