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Beast Player Erin, ep. 42-50, spoilers


This post covers last nine episodes of this great anime. After watching whole series, I now think that it could have been easily shrunk to 35-40 episodes, and I see that I'm not alone in this opinion. On the other hand, would creators be able to describe us this world and its character in this level of details? Now, let us see what happens at the end.

In episode 42, Seimya grieves for her grandmother, the late Queen. On the other side of the country, Shunan and his father the Grand Duke are concerned with more practical questions: how to clear the guilt from themselves and how to ensure the future of their country (in not with Holons, then without them). But, Shunan has a plan.

Daimaya comforts Seimiya, the new Queen and tells her not to marry for the state, but for love, because she, as descendant of gods, alone has the right to choose from every man in the world. I must say I again put deeper meaning behind Daimaya's words, and it turns out that I'm right... Ial is in doubt of what course of action he should take, and is not comforted by Kyle's (one of his fellow Sezans) questions.

Shunan arrives to capital to confront the Queen Saimaya and receives a cold welcome. He doesn't bother with refusing the guilt, but concentrates on future of the country and what will the Queen do. He asks her does she really thinks of herself as God and display to her his horribly wounded people, whose wounds are result of fight for their Queen and country. Later, they meet in private and Shunan states his ultimatum: for four month they will meet and if she accepts to marry him, they will together save their country. If not, he will attack with his Touda, and she can use "her Godly" powers on them, if she can. It looks like she would accept if he only showed more emotions and openly admitted his love toward her, but they are interrupted by Daimaya, so we will never find out.

This episode again features that great song about Wayjaku! I found this song best among others in this show.

Next episode shows some more reasons for Kiriku's actions and his conversations with Daimaya. At Kazalm, Erin is worried what will happen next. And then, Queen's messengers (with Daimaya behind the orders) come to take Lilan and Erin to capital. She initially refuses and that leads to some quarrel with messengers (teacher from Lazal beast-lords care center), which again leads to Lilan' attack on them, and Erin's loss of three fingers. She if forced to blow a mute-whistle to stop Lilan, which will have undeniable impact on their relationship. Erin changes her mind and accepts transfer to capital, for her, Lilan, Eku and Owl (primary because she doesn't actually have a choice). Also, she now has some difficulties while controlling Lilan, but she is probably still thinking about her as of her mother, so Erin can use that.

Episode 44 starts with Erin and Kiriku traveling to capital (Kiriku because of his connections to Daimaya). He doubts his decisions, because Erin reminds him on his late younger sister (scene with bird dying outside of its cage is shown at least 20 times in whole series!). During this, in Grand Duke's province, members of Erin's birth village are getting ready for war. She is still being remembered by her childhood friends.

At capital, Erin is cornered by Daimaya, who is acting like he is the King. He gives her his justification about how Holons are more worthy that Wajyaku and asks her to create him an army of beast-lords. To avoid this, she makes up some story how her Mist-people ancestry allows her to control beast-lords. She "proves" it to Daimaya using her knowledge of beast-lords and human psychology. Although this stops one his plan, using Esal and rest of people at Kazalm as hostages, he forces Erin to accept his plan: she will fly on Lilan when they meet with Shunan and his army, and she will disperse the Touda and help prove that Seimiya is God.

Next episode again starts with Kiriku's doubts and reveals more about reasons he is working for Daimaya. Then, we find out that Daimaya propose to Seimiya and she accepted it (I first thought "incest", because it's not uncommon in royal families, but somewhere is revealed that they don't have a direct blood line). After that, Ial is informed about this by Kyle, who also tells him how Sezans are dismissed and their place is to be taken by those anti-Sezans with masks.

Ial meets with Daimaya, who confesses everything to him, but poisons him at same time (with Kiriku's help). Ial runs from him, but is attacked by anti-Sezans. All the rest of Sezans, except Kyle are already dead. Ial manages defend himself, until he confronts Kiriku. He accuses him of destroying Erin's life and putting her in cage, which brake's Kiriku. Ial leaves wounded and terminally poisoned.

In episode 46, Ial comes to Lilan's shed, where Erin helps him with his wounds. Thanks to his special training and physical state, he manages to survive poisoning. They have some emotional moments and he falls asleep in her arms. Daimaya arrives with anti-Sezans to look for him in shed (although Kiriku tried to mislead him, which earned him being chased away by Daimaya), but Erin hides him with Lilan's help. They again have an emotional-filled conversation and they decide she will try to warn Seimiya about Daimaya's real intentions.

Immediately after that, in next episode, Seimiya is having her night of seclusion before marriage. Erin will then try to inform her about her revelations. While she is sneaking away, she is stopped by that Mist-people guy who tries to persuade her to run away. But she says she won't just watch disaster happening, as he had done, but she will try to prevent it.

She arrives at hot-spring where Seimiya is alone and tells her most of the truth. Seimiya of course has trouble accepting the truth in the beginning, but later she believes Erin. But, she doesn't act as I expected: she tells Erin to decide what to do, at the day of the battle.

Next episode takes time during the night before battle. Ial meets with Kyle, Kiriku with Erin, Shunan with Ngan. Ial will try to come close to Daimaya and kill him. Kiriku tried to warn Erin and talk her into escaping, but Erin has already decided to stay and do what she can. Ngan, contrary to his brother's orders, arrived to battlefield with directly under his command. And during that time, Daimaya is watching a play in the snow. Ial and Kiriku accidentally meet and they get attacked by anti-Sezans, but together they win. Ial takes one of their masks and goes to kill Daimaya, and Kiriku leaves in the night. Daimaya and Seimiya watch sunrise together, and then comes the moment of decision.

First part of episode 49 show various character preparing for battle and moment their life will change. Seimiya decided to raise a blue flag, which will show her acceptance to Shunan's proposal, but she is stopped by Daimaya and anti-Sezans. Thanks to Ial and Erin, flag still get raised, which stops Shunan and his Touda, who had already started an attack. But then, unexpected happens: Daimaya had a backup plan. Ngan attacks his own brother and his people. When it all looks done and Shunan is just to get trampled by Touda, Erin decides to fly with Lilan!

In last episode, Lilan and Erin manages to save Shunan and stop the enemy Touda. She even manages to return Lilan from berserk. But then, a new surprise: she gets wounded by an arrow. Lilan save's her and Shunan meet with Seimiya, who then proceed with saving what they can. Daimaya gets killed by Ial, which is probably for the best, because he would never accept this course of action.

At the end, we saw all of them few years later: Shunan and Seimiya together, happy on the throne, Kiriku as traveling doctor, and Erin in marriage with Ial, and her son.

So, a happy ending and a wish this all happened ten episodes earlier.

I actually did like these last episodes, and in no way this means I changed my feelings about this anime, but last episodes are full of already seen scenes. There are few surprises at the end which keep viewer interested, and I think everybody would like to see Daimaya finally revealed as a bad guy, so I think waiting paid off.

There will be a review of complete series posted next, with no spoilers.

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