Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Return of the Black Company - She Is the Darkness, part 1; Covers

As I said, I planned to post my impressions after first half of this second book. I'm now almost at page 500, so that's somewhat behind half, but close enough.

This book is not fun as last one. I can't pinpoint exact reasons, but I think because of repetitiveness and general feeling that we don't know what's happening. As last one, this book is from Murgen's perspective, and it follows Black Company's invasion of Shadowlands. Murgen is quite confused in this books and that reflects on readers (at least on me). He has great insight on individual events and characters, but he's unable to connect them into greater picture (and neither can I). I hope that later half of the book will be more about explanations and revelations.

Style is unchanged, but constant bickering between characters (that's intended to be funny) becomes tiring after it has been repeated too much. Murgen gave some physical description of characters that really surprised me (especially Croaker's!!!).

In short, book is not bad, but it definitely is not one of my favorites in series.

I found covers of these omnibus editions exceptional, probably the best on my shelves. Here are pictures of them. These, and previous editions can be found here, on Macmillan web-site.

"The Return of Black Company" cover is my favorite.

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