Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Return of the Black Company - She Is the Darkness, part 2; New anime

Today I finished with "She is the Darkness". After somewhat boring first half of the book, second half was much better. There are some revelations and a great ending, which save the book for me.

I'm now clearer about what's been bothering me with this book. Although style is continuation of style established in previous books, I found jokes a bit too vulgar and rude. I mostly enjoy moderately used bad language and curses, but sometimes it goes overboard (like in Joe Abercrombie's "Best Served Cold"). Such was every conversation between Murgen and other Black Company's members.

I was really surprised, but my second objection was actually discussed in book. There is a scene where Croaker reprimand Murgen for being too self-centered as Annalist, and because "he tends to go a lot longer that he need to". After that, I'm much more forgiving for slow pace of story.

About plot itself, it is somewhere between Xanatos Gambit and Xanatos Roulette between Croaker and enemies. Hindu religious motives are big success in my opinion, but that's been seen in last books. Murgen personal experience is sometimes boring, but mostly because of his style, not for content. And One-Eye and Goblin are still funny!

Book is still not one of my favorites, but it's a decent continuation. I plan to buy next installation "The Many Deaths of the Black Company" in next few months, so I can find out what happens next.

In next week or two, I will do no reading. Instead I will watch a 13-episode anime "Paranoia Agent". I've already seen first episode; it looks interesting for now. It's not visually spectacular, but it's from 2004. so it can be forgiven. Judging from comments, its plot is the reason why somebody would want to watch it, but also that this series in not for anybody. In first episode there was already some violence and nudity, but nothing absurd or exaggerating. Next post it will be after I watch it complete.

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