Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gantz, manga review, first 20 chapters

Last year or year before that, I watched anime version of Gantz, which covers first 7 and half volumes of manga, but has an alternate end. Many people disliked it, saying it's just sex and violence, without consistent plot and weak characters. I actually liked the anime very much, even thought I was first skeptical, because of bad reviews. After, I checked few times on Internet for possibility of sequel, since there was space for one, but I found nothing.

So, I decided to read the manga, which was a very good decision. I've read first 20 volumes; there 27 for now and it's still ongoing, so I have something to look forward. Story follows a main character, Kurono Kei, is a teenage boy, cynic, with no purpose in life, and with no friends or love for other people. He, and his childhood ex-friend, Katu Masaru, die in train accident and get transported to closed room, which contains a big, black ball and people who also died. They are then forced to fight aliens to death. I know, plot sounds stupid, and since anime doesn't explain much, it probably repelled some people. But in manga, although still many things are still unexplained, reveals much, much greater plot. I don't plan to try to describe it, since I would probably fail, and also, I don't want to spoil it to future readers. But, for now it contains aliens, vampires, SF weapons, international conspiracies, high-school romance, ESPers...

This manga is definitely not appropriate for kids: it often borders with hentai (I wound on Wikipeida that manaka's, Oku Hiroya, favorite thins are "...girls in manga with girlish faces and huge tits that just jump out at you!"). Violence is crucial part of it and there is much of it. Really, much! And not just violence in fights, but also in the lives of characters: gang-raping, massive murders, child abuse... Sometimes I really feel pity for characters. And sometimes also disgust, because main characters are no innocent sunshines.

As I mentioned, beside Kurono and Katu, there are other "dead" people in room. And most of those people die for real. Then come reserves, who also die, and so on. There are main characters that stay alive for longer periods, but don't grow too attached to them (Oku is ever worse that George Martin!). Also, expect surprises.

Main characters are described well and there is much character development, but since this is an action series, don't expect miracles. I liked it because of epic plot primarily, then because of characters. Drawing is very good, although following plot become difficult in places (maybe it's me or maybe I missed some chapters).

In few words, I really liked it, and recommend it for those who like complex plot and violent action series. And don't mind pornography.

I still have few volumes available, but don't plan to read them until I complete them. So for my next point of interest, it will probably be some anime.

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