Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie review: "The Adjustment Bureau"

So much about my plan to catch up with writing while I am on vacation: I have five unfinished posts... But let's start with the movie review. "The Adjustment Bureau" is fairly new movie. I am not sure how I stumbled on it, but all I knew about it before watching was that it is some kind of mystery thriller.

David Norris (played by Matt Damon) is a young politician with big ambitions. After loosing the elections for Senate, he meets Elise (Emily Blunt) who inspires him to his best speech ever. Even after so short meeting he can't stop thinking about her, so when he bumps into her in bus after few months, he grabs the chance and gets her number. But when he gets off the bus and arrives to work, he finds everybody in the building frozen in time and some strange people doing some high-tech tests on them. He tries to run but they catch him; they introduce themselves as some kind of guardians of fate and order him to stop trying to meet Emily because that would be disaster for whole world. And worst of all, they confiscate the paper with her number, his only contact to her. But after a year, he again sees her in bus and now has to decide: whether to listen to those guardians or to temp the fate...

This is a serious movie which requires your full attention, but it rewards you for that. It is not unique concept (fate and its guardians), but neither is too common, and the movies explores the subject on high scale. Details of those guardians are slowly revealed during the movie (it all gets explained at the end) gives the movie a nice touch of science fiction/fantasy. There are no any big flaws in the plot and settings so you can freely concentrate on the movie. The movie also has the romance aspect, but it is mostly thriller. Characters and actors who play them are all good. Except Damon and Blunt as famous names, we also have Terrence Stamp.

Only flaw of the movie is that is has several long scenes where nothing happens, which are there to emphasize the mood, which could be a bit shorter. But this is not really a serious remark.

"The Adjustment Bureau" is serious and very good thriller for everybody; a bit of playing with SF/F gives it a nice touch. Definitely a recommendation.

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