Monday, June 6, 2011

Movie review: "Limitless"

Yesterday my girlfriend and I watched "Limitless" on DVD. I noticed this movie and its good reviews on IMDB so we decided to try it. It was presented as action thriller with touch of SF. We actually watched a second movie after that, but I have napped occasionally during the movie, so I will not write a port about it. It was "Sunshine", a slow space SF where group of astronauts are traveling toward the sun to reignite it, with no communication with Earth. It has a very slow beginning, but it gets much more intense later. So I didn't fall asleep because it was boring...

As I said, "Limitless" is an action thriller. It revolves around Eddie (Bradley Cooper), a not very successful writer. After his girlfriend lefts him, he bangs into his ex-brother-in-law, who gives him some drug for which he doesn't explain the effects, called NZT. It turns out that NZT enables person to use 100% of his brain, enabling Eddie to become completely aware of his surrounding, to remember every detail of his life, with bonus of extremely strong will and self-confidence. After Vern (ex-brother-in-law) gets murdered, a big stash of NZT ends in Eddie's hands. With it, Eddie completely changes his life: he finishes his book, gets his girlfriend back, starts a comet career in Wall Street. But of course, it turns out that Eddie is not the only one who knows about NZT.

The movie is very good from beginning to end. Initial description of Eddie's life, first encounter with NZT, advantages and troubles it merits him. Later, when other players start showing up, things only get better. It doesn't become too complex story, but something that could happen to everybody (in these circumstances). Much focus is put to Eddie's experience of drug's effects.

There is only one thing that got on my nerves, but it's not a flaw of the movie. It is more a flaw in humanity itself because it is completely believable that anybody would do something like this. I am talking about the fact that after getting a limited stash of such wonderful drug (well, not counting the effects), something I think most people would be willing to take, Eddie, who now has superb intelligence and will, doesn't do much to solve his problem of this limited stash. I mean, if I was to get something like this in my hands, first thing I would do would be securing the supply of it...

Technical side of the movie is quite good. There are not much special effects, but movie looks quite good. Actors also did a good job. Except Cooper, Robert De Niro is the only star in the movie.

"Limitless" is a very good movie for everybody. It has a fair amount of action, suspense and fun. A nice watch for anybody!

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