Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie review: "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows", Part Two

This weekend I went to watch the last episode of one of most popular franchise, "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2". I intentionally didn't want to go to premiere because I planned to avoid the rushes. Also, this was my first 3D projection. I didn't have any special desires for it, but all projections were in 3D so I didn't have the choice. After watching the movie, my opinion that 3D is not anything to make fuss about was confirmed. Although it did give few scenes a special spark, it wasn't especially impressive. I presume that in some CG heavy movie (e.g. the new "Transformers") its advantages would come more forward, but for this kind of movie it's completely unnecessary.

Not, let's get back to the movie. As with every ending, it is hard to give a decent review: those who liked it just need a confirmation that the movie is good as they hoped or not, and the others need to start with previous movies. With movies based on books it is even harder; most fans have already read the book so they know what to expect. And with this movie it is double-hard because the book was split to two movies... So I will avoid discussing about the plot, except in most general way. Anyway, it is obvious that movie is intended for those who watched previous episodes and know what is going on, since it offers no introduction or recap. I must say that I don't remember either book or previous episode so well, but even that didn't spoil my enjoyment.

Well, as expected, plot continues the events from previous movie. After destroying some of the horcruxes, Harry, Hermione and Ron still have a few to go. Contrary to the last movie, which was more oriented about displaying the doubts and fears main characters have, here we have a big turn. The decisions have been brought, time for doubts is over and friends are reunited. The last confrontation is looming and it is appropriate that it happens in the place where everything began: Hogwarts. Because of this, movie is mostly action-oriented. Sure, there is magic, info-dumps, some mystery. But all characters are already introduced, there is no need for more worldbuilding; all that is left is to get things done; this doesn't make it some magic-themed "Die Hard" movie, though.

Pacing is fast and good and there are few especially epic scenes (the big, glowing shield and whole last battle, for example). It is nice to see the fame shared with some other characters, instead focusing everything on the main trio. There is not much to say about the acting and characters; they are the same as in previous seven movies. Only objection was that some characters were only superficially touched, but that is just a restriction of the media: it is hard to fit such a big book in relatively short movie properly and with great number of details that wouldn't confuse the audience.

In the end, I can say just that I really liked last part of "Harry Potter". I mean, it is not a masterpiece of movie arts, but audience should know what to expect. It IS "Harry Potter" and it is very superbly done: tension, action and great conclusion. A great movie for both fans and general audience.

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