Sunday, July 10, 2011

Movie review: "X-Men: First Class"

Well, this was a hell of a week for me. I was working from dawn till evening, so I wasn't really in the mood for writing after coming home. This movie I will be reviewing, "X-Men: First Class", I watched it two weeks ago... I like X-Men franchise, although I was never a fan. I just think that setting is great. I liked all four movies before this one; I don't consider them some great masterpieces, but they were fun to watch. My opinion of the latest movie is the same.

Although it was made latest, this is a prequel. Events in it happen half a century before the events in previous movies, in sixties (although there is a short introduction happening during World War II). It deals with history of Magneto and Professor-X, two very important characters for the whole franchise. In some ways, the two of them are the founders of whole X-Men thing. Some part of this history was shown in chronological sequels (the fence scene and concentration camp), but this movie develops and explains what happened afterwards. It describes the origins of prof. Xavier and how he met Eric Lensherr and then later separated with him. Around their relationship we see the world, first organized mutants, afterward of WWII, Cuban Missile Crisis and so on. The plot itself is not something convoluted or sophisticated; it is a simple hero-movie plot. But it is very deftly done, especially the fact it is combined with real history.

The same can be said of characters: they are not deep and real-like, but they are all fun to watch. There are no big stars; most of the cast is in their twenties, but they did their job quite well. I usually don't notice how people are dressed in movies, but I really liked their clothing here. I must say that James McAvoy, who plays prof. Xavier, even remotely doesn't remind me to Patrick Stewart (older version of professor). Also, there is a very funny scene with Rade Šerbeđija, my fellow countrymen.

In short, "X-Men: First Class" is by plot and characters a typical super-hero movie that doesn't require much concentration, but it gives you much pleasure. Every part of the movie was done well and there wasn't a boring minute in it. Just don't raise your expectations too high.

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