Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar, without spoilers

I usually watch movies on my PC, but yesterday I went to cinema with my girlfriend and couple of friends to watch Avatar.

I was previously introduced with this movie, via Internet and friend's comments. So I knew about story in general, that it is the most expensive movie ever and about animation parts.

The movie is about two and a half hours long. There are 3D projections available, but I watched it in 2D (limitation of cinema).

I like the movie, and my friends do, too. It's enjoyable, special effects are spectacular in their quality and quantity, and sound effects support the experience. There are no long sad parts (which I in general don't like) and there are few funny parts (and not to childish, too).

The biggest flaw of the film for me was it's predictability. I think that most viewers will be able to see what's coming next: introduction -> training -> meeting aliens.... Also, there were no surprises or character development: big, bad marine commander is big and bad during the whole film; clumsy scientist is clumsy scientist. No unexpected side-switching, also (well, except the expected).

But other than that, I would recommend it to anybody and I hope to see a sequel.

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