Friday, January 15, 2010

Beast Player Erin, ep. 26-30, spoiler

Because of work commitments, I have much less time for anime, so it lasted long to finish next five episodes.

Episode 26 doesn't bring any new moments to story. First part of episode describes Erin's problems with studying, as she devotes most of her time for taking care of Lilan. But, after reprimands from Esal and help from rest of students, she passes her exams. Then it's already a summer break, so Erin stays alone at Kazalm academy. Important part is where she realizes that she doesn't need her harp anymore to control Lilan: he understands some of her words and gestures. It also shows that he grew attached to Erin and sees a motherly figure in her.

Erin is quite adult in this episode: she realizes that Lilan growing attachment could be bad for him, because he will be unaccustomed to other beast-lords and will be too dependent on humans. She relives her fears to Esal, who told her that this is not the issue, since Lilan will in any case stay with humans, and he will not return to wild for long as he lives.

Next two episodes, 27 and 28, are very personal for Erin. In first, she is having some nightmares, where her mother is sent to Hikara (their version of Hell) because of her sins. Erin is also tired because of her care for Lilan and lack of sleeping, so when she hears some scary stories, it all combines in one great nightmare. In her dream, she meets her mother Soyon, and her foster-dad, Jone, and realizes that this nightmare is just a reflection of her on fears and insecurities. Talking with them in the dream, she overcomes her problems.

But in next episodes, she receives another blow: Jone dies of heart disease. She is of course devastated, but she doesn't want to admit it. She forces herself to be strong so it won't affect Lilan, but it doesn't work: she's lethargic and cries sometimes. So principal Esal decides to take her to trip to her and Jone's "secret-base", from when they were both students. They share their stories and memories of Jone and both get better for it.

Episode 29 is also very important. First, we realize that Lilan is actually a girl. It wasn't specifically mentioned, but impression was that Lilan is a boy. Anyway, students come back from summer vacation and all are thrilled with Erin's and Lilan's relationship. But, an accident occurs: while Erin is rubbing Lilan's feathers, she unintentionally touches Lilan's old wound and she bites Erin. Wound is not big, but trauma is: Erin is now scared of coming closer to Lilan. She even ponders over using a mute whistle. A mute whistle is a high-frequency whistle that can paralyze beast-lords and Touda, so beastenarians use them as precaution. Erin's mother used it, but reluctantly, so Erin swore never to use it. But, again she overcomes her fears and decides to try a relationship with animals based on love, and not on fear.

Next episode is again a recap episode. It is told from point of Elsa and academy's maid (I can't remember her name) and only new revelation is announcement of new teacher at Kazalm.

So, about my impressions. These four episodes were nice and relaxed, but with no new plots or revelations. They showed slices of Erin's life and made her look more real as a person. Again, I have to stress characterization and character development as best points of this series. Wajyuku/Holon plot was suspended here, but I expect that new episodes will reveal more of it. I'm looking forward to watching them, and will probably make a new post after five episodes.

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