Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beast Player Erin, ep. 1-13

Beast Player Erin (in original Kemono no Souja Erin) falls in fantasy and tragedy categories at AniDB ( and has 50 episodes. Currently, it has a good rating of 8.69. I'm watching Static Subs ( release, in 1280x720 resolution. I've put it on my wish list few months ago and now decided to watch it.

I was on vacation since Christmas, so I had more time for anime. I watched these first 13 episodes in last few days. For now, I think this series can be watched by viewers of every age. It has no graphical violence, cursing or anything inappropriate for kids. On the other hand, it looks it has some deeper and more complex plot-elements, so it should be interesting for older audience.

Visually, it looks nice. Nothing spectacular, not many special effects, but not much is done wrong. I could mention design of side-characters, whom are done with less enthusiasm or creativity. Main characters don't suffer from these problems; they are done uniquely. Also, there is lot of repetition, during action or memory scenes. Sounds and music are nice. There were three songs during actual screen time, although all were kid's songs.

First 5 episodes are introductory and world-building. We meet Erin, who has some 10 years at the beginning of series, her mother and other villagers. World is medieval-like, with no magic, but with some special creatures. There are the "Touda", who are some big lizards, used for war. And in last few episodes I watched, a bird-like "beast-lords" are introduced. There are mist-people, who live isolated and maybe have some mystical powers over animals (or just better skills). In one episode we see some special warriors, but they just have better training. I got impression that there is more about this world and that is even more complex than revealed for now.

In next few episodes, Erin violently loses her mother because of some still unsolved mystery. She ends up living with some lonely "honey man" (honey man as in making honey and bees), who teaches her about bees at first, but later includes reading and herbal and medical knowledge.

There are also glimpses of strange happenings at royal court and how mist-people look after Erin.

Episode 14 is a recap episode. Next week I start to work again, so I will have less time for watching. I plan to make next post after I watch 26 or so episodes.

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