Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beast Player Erin, ep. 31-35, spoiler

In contrast to last five episodes, these five are full of action and happenings.

As mention in my last post, episode 30 announced a new teacher coming to Kazalm. So, the beginning of episode 31 shows a short scene of Touda egg-poachers meeting with one of anti-Sezans (guys in masks), after which they get poisoned. Immediately after is shown a violent death by poisoning of husband and wife, while some kid is watching them. That kid is now a new teacher at Kazalm, Kirin. It's also suggested that he is agent of Saigamul or anti-Sezans, put there to make some chaos. It's starting to look like anti-Sezans and Saigamul are not on the same side necessarily.

Erin is now older, as are the rest of students. Kirin is introduced to her and other students and he wanders around Kazalm, giving candies to all, which I find suspiciously. Maybe he is giving them some latent poison. I forgot to mention that he teaches poisons at academy.

At the end of episode the most exciting thing happens. While playing with Erin, Lilan falls with her over the cliff, but she saves them with flying!

In next episode, they are still flying, far away from Kazalm. Erin sees some light flashing in woods and tolds Lilan to land, where he is immediately put to sleep by mute whistle. And the one who blow it is of the Mist-people, same guy who was Soyon's betrothed and looked after Erin. He then told Erin a story of long ago.

Story explains why Mist people keep their secret: somewhere over the mountains, there was a kingdom that used Touda in war. Their king became so obsessed with conquering neighboring countries that his followers deposed him. While he was escaping them, he met people who lived with beast-lords and flew on them. They saved him and he stayed living with them. He explained that his ultimate reasons were actually good and he wanted only peace and prosper for his people. He convinced these people (who had gold hair and eyes) to breed more beast-lord and help him regain his throne, by scaring his people with beast-lord's ability to freeze Touda. And they accepted.

Ten years lasted while they waited for beast-lord to breed enough. And then it ended in disaster: Touda and beast-lords became berserk, were impossible to control and resulted in destruction of kingdom and gold-eyes people. Only great priestess escaped on beast-lord, and became first Queen. That is the reason why Mist-people keep knowledge about Touda and beast-lords a secret and keep their numbers low.

Erin is told that her mother actually poisoned the Touda in her care, because of Mist-people's code. She is also told to keep Lilan from flying or they both will be killed. After she is left alone, Erin decides not to listen to this Mist-people guy and that she will act in Lilan's best interests, meaning she will encourage her to fly.

Next episode doesn't bring any new momentum to story; it shows Erin trying to teach Lilan to fly at her command. She has problems at first because she is afraid of getting on her back, but she gets over it. Interesting, it also shows that Kirin is not completely evil person, which make him more real. His animosity toward Wajyaku was result of mistreatment in childhood, and poisoning of his sister by her stepmother (or maybe their landlord, I'm not sure of their relationship).

In episode 34, Ial is back and action is on high. Eku is a wild beast-lord that was wounded and brought to Kazalm for treating. During night, Kirin poisons him with chici-mimic, which is a poison that was used on girl from Erin's village, somewhere in first episodes. Erin knows the antidote, but is not sure can she find it in this part of country. So she, with Nukku and Mukku, goes to capital.

At same time, a Princess' servant is poisoned with same plant, whole actual target is Princess (Seimiyah-sama). Together, she, Shunan, Ial and Queen concludes that it is attempt to make look like Saigamul again attacked Queen. Ial with his Sezan-friends start looking for antidote.

Of course, he and Erin met in herbalist shack, and also surprise one of anti-Sezans, who was trying to get rid of antidote. He gets caught and Erin and Ial manage to save Eku and servant.

This episode also means that things are not static in country, so I expect more information on this in next episodes. Also, it reveals some connection between anti-Sezans and Daimaya-sama, as Kirin receives poison for Eku in box full of flowers Daimaya is constantly playing with.

Episode 35 shows Erin trying to put Eku to peace and healing his wound. During this episode Erin confesses her meeting with Mist-people and they warning to Esal, who tells Erin she also had similar warning in past. After healing, Eku is left to wander Kazalm grounds, where he meets Lilan. Lilan was already aware of him and showed some peculiar changes, like her feathers getting pink. And at the end of this episode, they two mate and fly off in sunset (actually not in sunset, but it's more poetic like that).

As I said, this was full of action. I enjoyed the story told to Erin about history. It explained a lot and gave more "meat" to this imagined world. I always liked a complex world-building. I appreciate that this show is not linear; almost every episode was a surprise for me. I would like more of Ial's part of story, and maybe more about court situation; and what about Duke and his sons... But, I can't complaint, show is definitely not boring.

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